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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Critical Role of Polymer Testing

There are a lot of potential roadblocks standing in the way of manufacturing firms that are striving to get a new product to market ahead of their competition. This is especially true in the many fields whose products are based off of complex polymer blends such as the medical device, automotive, and construction industries. When firms create products designed with newly formulated materials, they have to first put these materials through numerous statistically-sound tests to determine their suitability.

These new materials need to be evaluated to determine critical points such what temperature ranges the material works within, its strength under different conditions, availability/costs of raw materials, and how coatings or other products that it may be used with react with one another. Using the proper polymer testing laboratory will ensure that all testing that is necessary can be performed at a single location.

Polymer testing labs that routinely deal with customized work will also be able to solve any complex problems that arise, which will reduce both costs and a product testing timeline. This difference in time saved, from being able to coordinate with one instead of many laboratories, can be the difference between getting your product into your respective market first or last versus your competitors.

Polymers and plastics serve many different functions as parts of larger products. They act as everything from the dust covers and external barriers that protect delicate circuits to the load bearing parts that support heavy machinery and absorb mechanical vibration. Naturally, these materials must be graded on a number of factors before they can actually be used.

These tests help ensure that products are ready for their intended uses before they're implemented as consumer or industrial goods. This assessment process is extremely detailed, yet it nonetheless cuts down lead time by eliminating trial and error and identifying potential problems before they develop during critical trial runs. Proper testing and quality control checks put into place early will also help prevent or reduce the damage caused by product failure which otherwise may lead to massive product recalls.

Our polymer testing also allows firms to optimize their manufacturing processes by highlighting key variations that occur between batches. The documentation we generate is detailed enough that it can be used as legal evidence in patent cases.

Our expertise helps to ensure that your products reflect your firm as a provider of reliable goods. By drawing on our vast repositories of specialized chemical knowledge, we help firms deliver better industry solutions without having to invest as much in in-house development.

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