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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Avomeen's Pharmaceutical Development 

Our 25,000 square foot laboratory includes 4 (ISO-7 Compliant) Clean Rooms and Dedicated Formulation Suites to serve our clients' product development needs.

We provide CTM service for Phase I-IIa and partner with you from initial development to final registration. Our expert pharmaceutical scientists have over 30 years of experience providing solid and semi-solid dosage forms and are experts in bio-availability, protein analysis, API characterization, and much more.

Our production processes include:
Granulation, Compacting, Mixing, and Filling
Milling & Micronizing
Fluid bed coating and drying (Extrusion & High Shear)
Liquid & Cream Manufacturing
Powder Blending & Tableting
Container/Closure Selection
Pellet (Bead) & Powder Encapsulation

We also provide Method Development & Validation to meet the full range of your needs throughout the development cycle.

Contact our Ph.D. scientists for a consultation to see how we can meet your needs.

800.930.5450 | scientist@avomeen.com | www.avomeen.com/pharma


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